I am buying this from a friend and he's bringing it over today to collect the money and drop it off. Anything I should know about this amp ahead of time? I had a peavey once in the past and was really happy with it. But anything about the 6505 I should know? Thanks a head of time.
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-It's heavy. As in actual weight.
-Clean channel is alright, but better than 6505 (non plus) because of the separate EQ for the clean channel.
-The lead channel can get brutal as hell, but can be used for a nice crunch tone.
-These first runs of the combo seem to be a bit unreliable, there were multiple threads, but I haven't seen a thread in awhile so maybe it was just a bunch of coincidences.

To help moving mine around, I took the feet off (has removable feet), then used the same screws to attach 2 pieces of wood. Then I attached four wheels to the 2 pieces of wood.

This way I didn't have to drill any extra holes in the amp to attach the wheels and I don't have to carry its heavy ass around.