Stupid question, i know, i just want to be careful with my new guitar. I notice a little bit of fret buzz when i bend the b and high e string on my brand new tele (which i'm in love with), so could i just raise that one saddle that has the e and b string on it, or should i raise every saddle? Also, i just take a flat head screwdriver to the top of them, right?
yes a screwdriver would work fine. what i usually as far as action is raise whichever strings need to be raised and then raise everything in relationship to tht. the bridge should have apx. the same curve as the neck. basically it should not feel lke the b string is akwardly high compared to the g string. it should feel natural going from string to string.
Which Tele model is it? The ones with a smaller, more vintage style fingerboard radius (usually 7.5'') do "fret out" easier if you bend the strings a bit too far. I say raise only the B - E saddle. You don't want to work harder fretting your lower strings just because the two top strings have to get raised. Don't worry about getting your string-to-string volume ratio out of balance, it's just a minor height adjustment.
you mean allen wrench?

two per saddle top?

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