Why does my B and high E sound kind of....dead? Other guitarists' high E sounds nice and full and round, but mine just kinda sounds....like if you tried to play with twine or something.
do you mean it just sounds really crappy and tinny? what style are you trying to play?
Could you better describe what yours sounds like?
Hows the action set on those strings?
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yeah crappy and tinny I guess. I play all styles, quite literally. But if I'm trying to solo something like metal or even blues, the notes are right and everything, but the way it sounds is crappy. Idk the different "settings" or whatever you want to call it for action, but it's not so high that its out of tune and not so low that the strings rattle against the neck
Hmmm...probably about 2 months ago. But it still didn't sound all that different. Idk how to explain it, but if you know the youtube channel rockongoodpeople then how all of them sound. I was watching the lick of the week and I noticed his high E and B sounded WAY better than mine, and it's something I've been noticing for a while really. If you think it is the strings, what kind do you think I should get?