ive been playing for one year and a 1/2 and thinking about investing in a new guitar. so here are the things that i am looking for in a guitar
My must haves are....
1 the neck is like a les paul necks or a neck that is in a C shape.
2. has to have a tremolo system or a tune-o-matic stop tail bridge(no Floyd Rose or floating bridge)
3. has to have a nice flame maple top finnish (no plain finishes or just fully black).
4. has to have a carved top or a wider guitar body or both. (i like to play my guitar with my hand resting on the bridge and i instinctively play too far away from the strings when strumming. i find strumming on the acoustic guitar alot easier).
5. something extremely vesital so i can do everything from soft classic rock, blues, amazingly cleer cleans, and then do punk, alternative, hard rock, metal, and heavy and to even speed heavy metal stuff like all that remains with crystal clear tone.
6. my main inspiration is mark tremonti because he has some of the best clean tones ever and skills,(im not into the mesa boogie triple rectifier sound for heavy distortion. the sound is too fuzzy for me). Zakk Wylde because of his skills, pinch harmonics, and his amazing crystal clear scooped distortion tone. And Trapt because they are an underrated band with a good clear rock sound that i have been chasing for a long time. (I know they used to use ESP 7 strings on their first albums but im talking about their other albums like someone in control and only through the pain when they used Gibson les pauls).
7. A split coil feature!
8. 2 volume, 2 tone knobs (or at least tone knob
9. something that can handle ernie ball slinky top heavy bottoms.

Here are some guitars that i have found so far that look good.....
2.http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DGTTB/ i don't know about this one but it looks cool, has 2 vol 1tone and split coil
3. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LPTDpDBCH/

if you guys have any suggestion, PLEASE TELL ME!!!!! i don't know a whole lot about certain guitars because i barely ever get to go to a guitar store. i live in texas so they are pretty far away.
just get a mark tremonti usa prs. the first one you linked or the red quilt one.

gonna cost you but go big or go home.
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Quote by TheGuitarMark
2. has to have a tremolo system or a tune-o-matic stop tail bridge(no Floyd Rose or floating bridge).

It could be dificult to find a guitar with those specs...

Seriously though, by the sounds of it you should look into some Gibsons, and maybe some Fenders?
Well, Stetsbar makes an add on Trem system for Les Pauls (It should work with most guitars that have a standard Tune O Matic style bridge) And it doesn't require any modifications. It doesn't have much range with heavy strings but its supposed to be better than a Les Trem and it does return to pitch when set up right. However, It might rob sustain from guitars.
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