Im looking at buying a synthesizer thats in the $300-$500 range, give or take, and I would love to hear any recommendations you guys have.

Currently, I've been looking at the korg kaossilator pro and the microkorg XL.

I like the pro because the touch screen seems intuitive and easy use, especially since i have no real experience with keyboards or pianos which might (i think) limit what I can do with the microkorg. That being said, I`m not crazy about the fact that I can only play one note at a time.

I like the microkorg because i can play more than one note at a time (still only like 8 though) and it has tons of features but i`ve heard editing with it is sort of pain, and like i said earlier i dont know if the keyboard interface is going to limit what i can play.

If you have experience with either of these or any similarly priced synthesizers please go ahead and give me your opinion and suggest away.
i bought a microkorg for £200 (i think its the previous model as it was cheaper than the other on display) a couple of months ago and it is amazing, thats no exaggeration.
i had never played a synth but played a bit of keyboard and bought this to add a new sound for my band. It works exactly how i wanted it, and although it was quite complicated at first you pick it up eventually. It is very reliable as I have used it live many times with it cranked to full volume, however i have noticed that it can be very quiet through some amps compared with other instruments.
Im not too sure on the other model you suggested but for someone who has also never played a synth i would suggest getting this.
The Kaossilator Pro is great to use in the studio, but a pain in the arse to use live, as you have to be really accurate with it, cos otherwise you'll play the wrong note. And yeah, the 1 note at a time is a pain too, though if you're good, you can loop samples and layer them for multiple notes.
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the microkorg is a great great keyboard, but you won't get any piano, strings or these kinds of sounds1
if you want them, my advice would be to look at a used (or new, you never know) korg X50, roland juno-d, yamaha motif...
there's a roland synth that's nice too, in the range of the microkorg, same kind of keyboard but bigger... lemme find the name
i think it's the SH-201, though i'm not sure...