I now own a Laney VC15 15 watt amp with an 10" speaker and I like to "complete it" by buying a cab for it.
the two cab's available for the VC15 are the GS112 with one 12" Celestion and the GS210 with two 10" celestion speakers.
I want my amp to sound louder and bigger at the same time.. maybe using it to perform on stage.. but i'm completely lost! Which one should i buy?
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Maybe I'm mistaken, but there are definitely more than 2 cabs available. You should be able to use any cab if the ohms are the same. Or are you saying those are the only one's your concidering getting, or that those are the only available to where you live?
ofcourse there are more than 2 available, but I live in Holland.. and Laney isn't that big here.. so is't difficult to find a good Laney cab that isn't very expensive.. the GS112 and 210 have a decent price.. so they are the one's i'm considering to buy.. the only thing is, that i don't know what they sound like..
"plug in the marshalls and the les pauls and lets rip!"
It doesn't have to be a Laney.

Go to www.thomann.de (specifically the Netherlands portion of their website) and get one of the following:

Harley Benton G212 Vintage
Framus 212
Orange 212

They're all loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s and are some of the cheapest cabs you can get that have good speakers.
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But I still don't know if I have to buy one with 12" or 10" speakers.. and what would sound better.. the 12" of the 10"? (and in case of the Laney cab, the one with one 12" or two 10"?)
"plug in the marshalls and the les pauls and lets rip!"