Okay so here is the guitar I've built from scratch. Its unpainted, but I wanted to test everything first and make sure I could actually get some sound out of it.

So I've been trying to tune this thing up, and no matter how hard I try and how many times I redo it, it just wont stay in tune. I'm using regular 10 strings, but as I tighten them up, the tremolo slowly rises up in the back, and thus the strings are constantly dropping out of tune. So I tighten the strings more, and the trem rises more. I had two springs in the back, and then added a third but it doesn't seem to help to much. Any suggestions?
Also, at some point during the handling of the tremolo, the little screws that put curvature to the strings were horribly messed up, and I'm having trouble getting a grip on the things since they have no heads on them. Is there any trick to fixing these? I know someone is going to suggest taking it to a shop, but I'd rather not do except as a last resort.
Could you maybe tighten the screws on the claw that holds the tremolo springs?
Got the same problem with my Ibanez too. Made a thread, got advice, nothing worked :/
its because ibanez make bad bridges...asides from the prestige and sig series
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So while I had the strings off I took the time to fix a badly positioned string tree, and filled the first hole with some epoxy. So while that's drying, does anyone know anything about fixing the curve of the saddles on the tremolo?