I have a Taylor 314ce...the sound is a little too bright for my taste. Recently I bought an used Larrivee OM-09 and I was planning to use it for fingerstyle & light strumming...it has the sound I'm looking for and stuff...but I found myself reaching for the Taylor 314ce more due to its playability. The Larrivee OM-09 has glossy neck which slows me down when I play fingerstyle songs, the neck is simply not smooth & fast as Taylor's. Ugh....this is really disappointing.....I like the sound of Larrivee but I prefer the neck of Taylor.... I don't know what to do...
get it setup by a luthier
they can shimdown parts of the Larrivee to create better playability (action)

personally i love my taylor (same model)
i recommend tuning it down a whole step
then playing it

brings the richness so much better out
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^ I don't think he is talking about the action, but I could be wrong...

If you're talking about the finish on the neck of the guitar, you could probably rough it up with some high grit sand paper to remove the gloss. I have never done it though, so if it was something you were interested in, I would take that question over to the Guitar Building and Customizing forum...those guys will have the answer for it.

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I used 0000 steel wool on the Larrivee, and it's still not smooth & fast like Taylor's neck. Oh well...I think I'll just use the Larrivee for strumming. As for the Taylor 314ce, maybe I'll change the TUSQ saddle to bone and see if there's an improvement in sound. Maybe I should sell 1 of them and get a Taylor 714ce/514ce (w/ cedar top)? I mostly play fingerstyle now...
Personally, I sacrificed a bit of playability on my Martin for the sound. I've had the guitar for a year and a half now and I'm definitely happy with that choice. For me, sound is more important than anything else. Whether or not it is for you is a personal choice. I could never live with a guitar that I knew didn't sound exactly like what I wanted.
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also if the 314 is too bright for you, then just wait til you hear it with Phospor Bronze strings rather than the stock 80/20's. I put some Elixir Phosphor Bronze strings on it and it made the perfect difference. Warmed up just enough to sound rich and full, stayed just bright enough for all the clarity that originally made me want it.

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I just changed the strings to phosphor bronze strings a couple of weeks ago, the Taylor is still too bright. Is the 514ce/714ce better for fingerstyle? I've heard the cedar top makes it sound warmer...