I'm trying to learn the melody to "All my loving" by the beatles on Ukulele. I have the piece almost completely done, except for the few bars I have attached.

For the first note of "All," I am having a tough time understanding what it is asking. How can there be two slurs to different notes, but not a slur to the one in between them? and is the 2nd note G# (not natural) because you are going back to the note dictated by the key (I believe of E).

Also, the note of C# on "Oooh," that is getting pretty high up on the neck of the uke, 4 frets past the 12th. Could I have started the piece on another string besides the A of the 5th fret of the 2nd string? Or is that a disadvantage of the uke (and advantage of a guitar), less frets and strings?

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For "All______", do i play the G nat. note, slide to the G#, perhaps play the E with the string above, and slide the previous G# down to F#?