okay so whenever i have my guitar plugged in,
and i accidentally touch my cable at the input jack it makes cracking noises.
i looked inside and all the wires are attached and the metal bar i bent more so that its touching the end of the cable firmly.
but about a month ago one of the cables inside my input jack had come unconnected somehow so i re-soldered it. so the problem may be that i didnt solder it good enough.
i would attach a picture but my camera doesnt seem to wanna take close up pictures.

if anyone could help me it would mean alot!!
try re-soldering.
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So, what, do you want to know how to solder the jack properly?
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If you have a digi cam there should be a "macro" setting, or possibly a little flower (yes, I know, flowers are gay...)

Anywho, it sounds like you have arcing for some reason or another, that is electricity is not forming a circuit, it is building up until a spark forms producing a pop or click.

This can result from poor soldering or wear and tear on the input jack (or even your guitar cable.)

Start with the guitar. Have you plugged it into a friend's amp with a different cable? Maybe your guitar is the problem.

Second, the cable. Switch it out with a different one. If the problem goes away it's your cable.

Third, try a little alcohol (no, not Jack Daniels as it has sugar in it) on a cotton swab. Stick it in there and GENTLY move it around to clean off the contacts.

Fourth: if and ONLY if alcohol does not work, squirt a little bit of graphite onto your cable jack. This sometimes does the trick. Or be a man and lick it.

That's not recommended, but it's a roadie trick. It's still better than opening up your amp!!

Finally, open up the amp. Again try alcohol. Clean everything you can as it won't hurt to do so. Get the amp put back together enough to turn on and test it out.

If it still has a problem, then proceed to check the connections, both physically and electrically. You should have a volt meter. I'd suggest buying one if you don't. Put it in "Resistance" mode or the funny little "Ohms" symbol. This tests whether you are getting a connection.

A dead circuit with have infinite resistance and most meters will read "--", "Error" or something. That means you have a dead circuit. A rock will yield the same result. Or a shoe. Anything, really.

If a contact point is dead, then solder it. I'm assuming you know how to solder. If not, research it first. Google "how to solder" and find a reputable tutorial on it. Yes there are probably videos of some guy soldering his cat. That's not it.

As a last ditch you can always change out the jack yourself. An easy/cheap fix is find one you don't use, like "Line Out" or something, and switch them (installing them properly of course!) If it's a worn out jack, it's better that it be on a circuit you don't need. Also, the least worn out jack will be the one you have never used.

Hope all this helps.
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haha thanks but i was asking why it would do this not how to solder properly
but thanks to everyone and ill try everything and let you know

ground wire to the inner most lug. and i the future, only tighten a jack this way.

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