Hey guys, im looking to trade my Morley Pro Series 2 Wah for either a Dunlop Crybaby or a Vox wah, straight trade.

The Morley is a great wah for higher gain playing, but now i'm more into bluesier, less gainy stuff, so a crybaby or vox are more suited for my styles, not a problem with he wah itself!

It has a separate on/off button, rather than the toe down engagement of a crybaby style wah, and a light to show if its on and a 'wah level' adjustment to take it from soft and subtle, to more pronounced wah sounds. As i said, it works best with higher gain sounds and metal lead playing.
Uses Electro-Optical control to adjust the wah frequency, rather than potentiometer (pots) so you don't have to worry about it getting clogged up with dirt, and is a bit more reliable. This is done by using an LED and LDR instead of a conventional variable resister (pot). This also means you can sculpt the wah sound by gently moving the internal LED to change the light level falling on the LDR (for better instructions check out google).
Works off either 9V battery or boss style power supply, and has a buffered bypass, like most other wah units of the same price.
Bought new for £80 a year or two ago, but still in good condition, i'm mostly a bedroom player, only used live once. Currently have luminous tape on top of the footpedal, and velcro on the bottom to hold it on the pedal board, but either can be easily removed if you want me to!

I will be at home from university in a week to so i can take photos, until then this picture will have to do i'm afraid:


Morleys seem to have aesthetic consistency changes with batches, so the footpedal of my wah doesn't say Morley as in that photo, but the front side of the pedal does (i'll show this more clearly when i can the photos) haha

I am looking for a straight trade and i am located in South West London, but can meet in a more central location if its more helpful!

thanks for any interest