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Pretty straightforward.

I still use because it has yet to fail me. Even after almost 5 years it is still rock solid.

Tell me.
I do.


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I'm using Windows 7 right now, but I would certainly not object to using Windows XP again.

If it wasn't for me getting a new computer I would still be using XP.
I still use it. Not had a reason to change yet. Until I get a new computer, I will keep using it. Glad I will have bypassed Vista though. Not a fan. Windows 7 isn't terrible though so I won't be too ashamed upgrading to it with a new machine.
I still use it.

I've got used to it now and I prefer it over the Vista from the times I've used that.

And I can't afford a new PC so yeah...
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And I don't think I'll change it. Tried Vista for a while but that was 'rubbish', so have moved on by moving backwards. Never had any trouble worse than the occasional freeze.

Not even the blue screen of death

*touch wood*
I do.

I hated Vista's interface, and always heard about compatibility problems, and I don't trust Windows 7 (yet).

The only drawback is no DX 10 and 11.
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I do. I see no need to use the newer stuff yet.
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I went from XP to Vista about 9 months ago, and tbh, I don't see any point.

Vista is in essence XP with a funny skin and a bad attitude.

Would I go back to XP. Probably not. But, I'll never forget how easy it was/is to use.
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Yeah, but not by my choice. I would upgrade to Windows 7 if I had the chance.

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I do.
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XP is far from 'rock solid', but I still have it on my tablet.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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I did until Windows 7 came out, and then I pirated Windows 7. It's a better OS.

Same. Now I'm running windows 7 ultimate (x64).

Haven't had a problem with it yet and had few problems with my XP. I loove windows 7.
My brother does. He pretty much swears by it.
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i used to use it before i installed ubuntu.
not sure how it fares to vista and 7 since i've never touched them, but it was alright.
I do. It works fine so I have no reason to change it.
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I had to install vista due to some weird problems I don't feel like explaining. Please kill me.
Yep. Once I get a new computer, I'll get whatever the latest operating system is.
I do. whenever I get a new PC I'll get 7 since it looks really good, but I'm happy with XP and glad that I never had to deal with vista except on other people's computers.
I do.

As insanely odd as that might seem.

Quote by osXtiger
I do.

As insanely odd as that might seem.

wtf? isn't osX the OS for Mac? this doesn't make any sense.
I do, I want to get a new machine though and until I can come to terms with letting go of all that cash (I want a mac) I'll stick with t(rusty) old XP.
I ated them all.
I do, it's just so simple and easy to use I don't really see the point of upgrading.

Although Windows 7 does look rather nice.

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XP is far from 'rock solid', but I still have it on my tablet.

IMO, among all the other Windows OSs, XP is the most stable. For me at least. XP gets along really well with my hardware configuration. I have tried W7 on this current machine and it was really sluggish. Not W7's fault though, my machine is getting old.
Downgraded my Vista laptop to XP until recently getting Windows 7.

I miss it.
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i used to use it before i installed ubuntu.
not sure how it fares to vista and 7 since i've never touched them, but it was alright.

I have Ubuntu too. But there is one big problems that really bothers me: audio playback. For some reason I get skips and pops when I play music. I have tried every fix possible, but to no avail. Other than that, I like it as much as XP.
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wtf? isn't osX the OS for Mac? this doesn't make any sense.

I have both PC and Mac deary.

I do - it's proven and it works! Add to the fact that it's damned light weight compared to Vista or W7.
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I use it...since well my old pc can't run anything else.
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