Im looking to start doing some recording with a MIDI controller. I want it to be at least 49 keys and the keys to have synth-action weight. I dont really know what all to look for in keyboards. What kind of knobs and sliders and that type of thing should I be looking for? I want to stay in the $200-$250 range. Can anyone recommend me something?
First question, do you need sliders and such? what are you planning to do with it? If you need to be able to adjust parameters in real time i'd say its necessary but if you program them afterwards then i'd go for something without them so you can get better quality keys.

If you do need sliders I recommend the M audio Axion 46. If you can fork out a little extra go for the 49 pro, but if you're ok with spending a little time programming the standard will do you fine

I suppose I don't need the sliders. I just figured it would be easier to do some of that in real time than going back and editing it later. It's not that important. I'd rather have the higher quality keys.
In which case i guess the best idea is to go down to a store and have a play on the keyboards, as i don't have the knowledge to advise any further!