help, i need a rhythm guitar warm up

so i have a problem, mostly to do with my rythm guitar, or down picking to be more precise. i have a warm up routine from the rock disciplin dvd, with a follow up with the speed picking excersice from that same dvd. it all goes well, today i got to 160 bpm (im a lot better at lead than rhythm).

but i am having problems getting my wrist relaxed for my fast down picking and metal riffing. virtully every day i work on building up the speed on a metronome, starting slow and building up gradually, but a lot of the time struggle to go past 106 bpm. but on some occations i do get past 106, and on these occations can go right up to 130mpm.

im pretty sure this is because of wrist tension. during the time i have been able to get my wrist relaxed i feel like the best player in the world, =P, and can play master of puppets flawlessly with ease, but to get my wrist relaxed like this it seems to take way over an hour to warm/ relax up my wrist, and some times doesnt seem to get there at all.

i cannot go taking over an hour to warm up before band practise or a gig, its just to long .

so basically, has any body got a little warm up/ relaxation excercise to get my wrist perfectly relaxed every day with out taking ages. or does any body know what excersises the pro's use. iv been playing 3 years.

apart from this problem i concider my self an advanced player but this problem can get very frustrating.

sorry if it doesnt all make sense, but thanks in advanced any way
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I'm not saying it will, but try out this picking hand warm-up from Paul Gilbert.

Paul Gilbert Right-Hand Warmup.gp5
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You could have the guitar more angled upwards. When sitting, hold it like classical players usually do (in between the legs):


This reduces tension and allows you to move more freely. I suppose you could also do this when standing up, just have it angled more "up".

If that doesn't really help, there may be something wrong with your technique. I don't remember ever hearing about this kinda thing. Seek help from an experienced, knowledgeable teacher.
lol, i do already hold my guitar like it. just tomo give you an idea of how my down picking compares to my other techniques, i got my alternate picking up to 250 bpm today.

its just odd that sometimes i can down pick each but most days cant.