my Acer AL1912 19" lcd monitor keeps flickering.
I have changed everything
.tried 2 other screens they had less flicker, one was the same model other was a tv with vga
.vga cable
.adapter on the end of the cable to go into the graphics card (nvidia dvi - vga)
.graphics card (nvidia geforce 8600 to onboard graphics card)
.different computer (still flickerd)
.different power input still flickerd but slightly less

and now im lost for a solution!

It used to work then suddenly over time got worse and worse!
I have updated the drivers and the refresh rate is 75hz

any ideas?

thanks in advance

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Your monitor is probably going out.
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it cant be the monitor or that just adds to the problem cause ive tried 2 other monitors in the computer and they did it just slightly less
Obviously it's insufficient power. The other power supply you used was higher wattage, yes?
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Could be graphics card problems, i've had it before, generally denotes death of a graphics card imo - i always had it with Nvidia cards, now its ATI all the way.
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