The mix could use a little more low end. The guitar tone is pretty muddy.

Overall it sounds pretty good, the main thing is the guitar's tone. Are you using the neck pick up for the main riff? I would suggest bumping up the bass EQ on your guitar and using the bridge pick-up.

As for the solo, it could use a little more "beef" it sounds a little thin. Maybe try Post-EQing and raise the mids and bass on it just a tad.

Overall not bad, the structure of the song is pretty cool, and so are the riffs. I assume you're using sampled drums, but the beats and stuff sound pretty cool.



EDIT: I gave it a 3rd listen, and I don't think I gave you enough credit on the guitar solo. It's very imaginative, the only thing I can say is VIBRATO!! I can't stress how important it is to being a good player.
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I liked this alot, I've always meant to do some progressive thrash that sounded similar to sound of the progressions in this. I especially like the main recurring riff and the one around 1:23. As for the mix, it needs more bass, and the drums could use a scoop (but thats preference), I think it makes 'em sound alittle more punch and crisp. The guitars could be thicker also, (perhaps multiple tracks) I agree about vibrato on the solo, but it was still good.
Anyways, nice track man. decent mix, just needs a thicker guitar sound and some more bass.

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cheers man