My local guitar shop got in an absolutely beautiful Kalamazoo archtop guitar with the 'f' shaped sound holes. My daughter and I both take lessons at the shop, and I have been looking at this on the wall for the past few weeks, and finally took a closer look at it today. The serial number on the guitar reveals that it is from about 1937, and aside from a few scratches here and there, it looks and sounds fantastic....a completely different sound compared to my Seagull Coastline that I currently have.

As crazy as it sounds, I am really interested in this guitar right now, and the asking price is $1000. From what I understand, the Kalamazoo was made by Gibson, but at a lower selling price at the time, but by todays standards would be viewed as a higher value than back in the day. Because of it's age, I'm not sure if a guitar like this would be viewed as a collectors item for display, or to be played on a regular basis...as for how it sounds, I would like to play this on a regular basis.

Any thoughts on a guitar like this, and/or am I crazy for thinking about pulling the trigger on this soon?
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One thing that you must consider is that vintage guitars need a lot more maintenance. You need to really pay attention to any changes going on with it. It's old and it needs to be treated much more carefully.

I would be a little hesitant using it as an everyday player. It's much more fragile than a Seagull. That is not to say, "don't use it", but pull it out every once in a while. Instruments are meant to be heard and enjoyed.
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i'm with captivate 1000% here. it's not at all crazy to be thinking about that guitar, and the price is great. in fact, considering what i see similar guitars sell for, i'd be asking if the guitar had any issues they might consider disclosing.

if you don't already keep your residence humidity controlled, i would definitely do that if you get the kalamazoo. your seagull will appreciate that, too. wood swells and shrinks all the time, and that puts some pressure on the joints, where the glue isn't swelling and shrinking with the wood.