As a part of my Band's 4 track demo we've covered Godsmack's i Stand Alone and i was hoping for some feedback.

Before you comment on the vocals just know that we already know what you're going to say, we're finding it hard to get a singer so we've got our other guitarist filling in for the time being. Just want comments on everything else.

Any feedback is appreciated.

I like the Recording itself, and me being a fan of Godsmack I like the song, the vocals are bad though.
The Guitars sound awesome, and so does everything else, are you recording at home, or studio?

Also it's cool you guys being from London, I have a band too www.myspace.com/shadowstance we're recording a Demo over the next few weeks we started Today actually

We're pretty much the same style too so we can try and do some shit together, add us.
Cool, we're doing the recorings at home. i'm using a Boss Micro-BR for Guitars and Bass and Drumkit From Hell for the Drums because we can't afford a professional recording just yet :/. Good luck with that, i'll add you.
Good recording,

especially loving the vocals

Real good guitar sound you got there. Great work on the drum track! If you'd like to improve your guitar sound though, here's might be a little help for you:
(scroll down to the "Godsmack: Crying Like A Bitch" demo)


Keep up the good work!
great guitar tone. recording was nice and tight, but im with grimms, those vocals were really bad. find a new singer and you could have a sweet cover =).
LOl, great recording but man that singer ruined it for me . Nice work.
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