Back again guys,

Untitled prog pieces seem to be my speciality. This is another prog song written for my band The Crab People.

It was written by me and the guitarist, who is 15, although tbh, I only really did the verse riff - All the credit goes to him on this one.

Constructive feedback would be great guys

Will C4C, just leave a link on your post.

Ben & Ben

P.S The end is supposed to go into another song... We just haven't written that other song yet
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Some nice upbeat prog metal. I like it. The intro riff has some sort of funk and groove to it. 17 was just epic, I've got nothing more to say. I was kind of upset at 90, expecting a full blown solo, but then I realized how well it transferred into the next riff so I didn't really mind. 102 and 107 were a bit random, but that's acceptable in this sort of song. Anyway nice work. It's hard to write much about something like this, but let me just say that I enjoyed it immensely. 8.5/10.
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