If I lower my action, what will I have to to to the truss rod so that there is no buzz? And if I do that, how will it effect the playability? I play shred/metal
Truss rod affects neck curvature/relief
Adjusting bridge saddles for action adjustments.

Provided you have enough relief in your neck (check other setup threads to see how to check) then adjusting your action does not require a truss rod adjustment. They're two separate things but jointly responsible for the guitar being well set up. Treat them as separate things to check > interrelated.
Yeah, I knew that, I suppose I worded it wrong :P

I ment what do I do to the truss rod if there is buzz?
take it to a guitar tech, they'll sort it out. if you're inexperienced, as i am, then you shouldn't mess as you might only make the problem worse.
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There was no way I was going to do it myself I just wanted to tell the tech what I wanted on it before I went in the shop
If there is buzz then that is most likely a problem with the bridge being too low or some frets being uneven. Remember as well that if you change to thicker strings you will have to raise the action so the larger strings can clear the fretwire properly. As far as the truss rod goes, you shouldn't adjust it for action or fret buzz. You should set it once to correctly match your string tension (string gauge & tuning) and leave it at that. It's not a preferential thing, it's a technical thing you match to your strings and that's it.

I'm also noticing a trend amoung ''metal'' players who suffer from fret buzz much more often than others - I think a lot of people have unrealistic expectations of how low action can be and what 'low' and 'high' action is. A gap of 1.1mm from the top of the fretwire to the bottom of the string is low, 1.4/1.5mm is normal and 1.8/1.9mm is relatively high, though some people will go above 2mm, especially if they play slide a lot. What I do is get a 1.14mm pick (Dunlop make purple Tortex picks which are exactly 1.14mm) and slide it under each string, against the top of the fretwire. If the bottom of the string contacts the top of the pick, I know it needs to be raised. I keep raising the strings until I can get the pick between the fretwire and the string without touching the string. Then I know I won't get any fretbuzz and it is still as playable as anyone could reasonably expect. So, aim for that would be my advice.
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Quote by Night_Warrior
There was no way I was going to do it myself I just wanted to tell the tech what I wanted on it before I went in the shop

they will know.

tell them you want low action without buzz. there is a fine line there and a good tech can hit it spot on.

a little buzz in the frets isn't that bad of a thing really. most of my guitars have a little buzz and it doesn't come through the amp.
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