i havent posted a song in a while. ive been listening to a lot of the doors, floyd, the beatles, the zombies etc. lately. this song is definitely trippy. im not sure what key its in, its either minor or modulates between keys. im very content with what i have so far, its unlike anything ive ever written. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and C4C of course!
dreamy trip.zip
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Not bad... im feeling the guitar parts.
the percussion is of putting. chill it out a bit.
the main guitar melody is pretty good.
Google ultimate spinach for a world of inspiration.
what do you mean by chill out the drums? not as busy?

edit: Ive added keys. pretty basic. can anyone help me create some better key parts? i like the chords in the chorus, idk about the timbre of the violins. suggestions? i want the keys to be driving, not too noticeable, but creates the steady pace.

also, does anyone know the key sig?