Hey folks,

I'm turning 18 in the next couple of months, and I've decided that I want to get myself a nice sparkly new guitar to celebrate me becoming officially old and boring. Anyhow, I've saved about £300 over the past year from work, and putting that together with my 18th money I should have around £425 - £450 all told.

I've been using a Nevada LP copy for the past two years. Don't get me wrong, it's been a great guy, but for £60 and after quite a few gigs I think it's time I finally upgrade (that, and one of the pickups broke).

Soooo.. on to the question (and apologies for the rambling!)

I'm looking for a guitar in the - £450 price range.

  • I really could do with a good all-rounder (I play clean, heavy, and pretty much everything in between) and I want this guitar to last me forever!
  • I don't want another brick (my Nevada kills my neck) so something light would be nice
  • I'd like a tremolo as I do do a lot of single-note solo-y type stuff, and it really makes it sound a lot nicer
  • Preferably not a crazy body shape. Explorer is about as far as I'll go
  • I don't want a Strat. Dunno why, they just never appealed to me
  • Thin neck if possible, although I guess I'll live if it doesn't have one

Guitars I've looked at so far - what are your opinions?
  • PRS SE 24 Tremolo (mmmmmmmmmmmmm, nice)
  • Fender Telecaster (Not looked at specific models, any suggestions?)

Yeah, I haven't looked at many. I've kind of got my heart set on the PRS, but what do you folks think?

Thanks, any advice is much appreciated!

It seems your specs work perfect for a middle range Ibanez RG series, you might want to look into that. I have one, and I use it from Deathcore to Pop Punk.

Yes, poop.
Thanks mate! I kind of like the Ibanez, but I dunno, they just look a little aggressive for me? I don't know though, I'll see if I can try one out soon

Any other suggestions? What about semi-hollow guitars, how do they hold up to heavy stuff? Or do they crash and burn into teeeny tiny little pieces?
I have never tried a semi-hollow, but they would seem best for lighter music, that's just my opinion.

Yes, poop.
Hmm, well I'm suggesting the Yamaha Pacifica 112v but it hasnt got the trem but a really good guitar with fine specs - it also has coil tap in the bridge, very, very nice guitar that will last 5 - 6 years if kept in good condition.
My suggestion, go to your local GC or whatevers in the UK, and try all the guitars in the price range and buy the one that feels nicest.