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Somewhere in a concert hall in Sweden, you have just caused Yngwie Malmsteen physical pain. You also caused him to catch on fire.

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I like that new song of theirs that goes all "peeeeeaaaas wiiiill comeeeeee toooo meeeee"

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Looks pretty real to me.
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looks legit. whats up with all the "i htink this is a fake" threads lately?
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it just doesnt have a reserve price, plus there is 5 days left on the auction, i can guarantee its going to go up in price in the next 5 days
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Looks fine to me... body seems a little wonky but I think that's just the pic.
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laying that guitar down, it rests on the headstock and body stressing the neck joint at the guitar and at the headstock bend.

why people do that i will never know.

looks fine to me.
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I can't imagine someone creating a fake SG, let alone one that had a broken neck. What's the use? Kinda like creating a counterfeit $1 Bill.
that looks pretty legit, but i cant see the serial # so i cant tell fosho, like i almost got a custom shop jackson king V w/emgs last night but it got sold, damn was that thing beautiful
Looks just like any other SG... I'm fairly certain it's real.
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definitely real, someone just put different tuners on it. they look like grovers but you really can't tell. there really is nothing about this that would make me assume it's a fake. It seems like everyone these days are paranoid that they have a fake, when I would say fakes probably only makeup like 8-10% of the market if not less.

And with ebay rules if you buy it and it is indeed a fake you could probably end up keeping it and getting you're money back.
looks legit but its serial number is nt visible ask him for pic?
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