I need advice on a new LCD tv for the living room. nothing smaller than 42 inches and nothing larger than 46, its for a small apartment. Seating is about 7-8 ft away. Now, I've never actually owned a LCD tv before so im not sure what to really look for so that's why I'm asking you guys. I checked out BestBuy and took a look at the Samsung's. The model that caught my eye was the LN46C630 series. Online there are two different versions, one that is about 990ish and another almost 1200. The only difference I can tell between these two is that the more expensive one comes integrated with Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, etc and all that stuff. I don't really care much for that as I will be getting a BlueRay player that has Netflix. Are the quality of these models the same as far as picture is concerned? Also, for the price, are there any better options? The TV will be used for general satellite programming, BlueRay movies, and gaming via Xbox 360, etc. I appreciate the support in advance.

Also, advice on a good surroundsound system would be great as well. Nothing very expensive or loud, as I live on the top floor. Preferably decent audio quality if possible.
What country you live in would be great, since different models get released in different countries and any models that are available in different countries normally don't correspond currency wise, e.g. a tv in the UK at £500 will probably not cost the same in the US after currency conversion.
LCD TVs are better at that size than plasma. However, you could probably find a Samsung LED TV (probably a slightly older one like the UN46B5000) for around the same price. LED TVs have much depper blacks, wider viewing angles and excellent motion blur reduction tech.

As far as surround sound goes, for a small room the Onkyo HTX-22HDX, which I think comes out in the US soon, is a great way to go. It starts as a 2.1 system which can be upgraded with the 3 speaker upgrade set. The amp is built into the sub.

I have ample experience with the Samsung TVs and the Onkyo (the Onkyo was released here in the UK a little while ago), amongst many other TVs and A/V systems. I've had the Onkyo up and running in my shop and it handles really well- decodes HD audio and provides great picture. It's also HDMI 1.4 compatible. So if you can get a "C" Samsung, you should be set for 3-D TV as long as you have a 3-D Blu Ray player.

The Onkyo is a great little package for those not wanting to spend too much but still want decent quality out of the box.