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Windows XP
53 21%
Windows Vista
63 25%
Windows 7
81 32%
Mac OSX (Or other Mac OS)
40 16%
13 5%
2 1%
Voters: 252.
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There was a poll on this a while back, though it was before W7/OSX Snow Leopard.

So, my question to the Pit is - What Operating System (OS) are you currently using?

Myself? I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, though I wish I had Pro/Ultimate because of the 'XP Mode'.

Windows 7 is awesome, BTW.

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Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. Works greeeaaat.
Windows 7 64 bit professional
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Vista 64-bit, which is a damn sight better than the 32-bit version, and Fedora 10 64-bit.
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OSX......only the cool kids have it
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Mac osx.! 10.6. I tried out W7 recently though, it is a massive improvement on the vista disaster
OSX 10.6.3

anyone using a Mac OS other than OSX, I feel truly sorry for you
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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Ubuntu 10.04. I use Vista if I'm home from uni, although Ubuntu beats the hell out of Windows Vista!
Next upgrade, I'll get a macbook, if I can afford it. If not, a Windows 7 box, dual booting with Ubuntu.
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I have Vista on my laptop, but the desktop me and my bro share has XP, and the family computer has Windows 7. I have no real preference over any of them. I don't see too much of a difference other then Vista seems slightly suckier..

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ubuntu. just upgraded from karmic to lucid. awesome so far. there's a bug in the software center, but if i use synaptic it works fine so it's no big d.

as i was doing the upgrade, i accidentally shut down the computer (stupid dock application i accidentally clicked on). anyway, had to take it into the shop. the guy completely fixed my computer (as it wasn't even recognizing the hard drive) and brought it back to life. and then fixed my wireless card. spent like three days on it and only charged me $150. he told me he always gives deals to people who use linux.
XP, cos it owns

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XP, cos it owns



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Currently posting from Vista x86 but I have installs of Ubuntu 10.04 on this machine and my desktop has 7 x64 on it.
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Windows Millennium Edition.

lol nah. I'm running OSX on my Macbook.

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osx on main computer, ubuntu on laptop dual boot with win7, debain on ppc laptop
(i also have an old mac from early 90s running os6)
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Vista, I'm long overdue an upgrade but with the amount of stuff I actually use my PC for it isn't really worth it
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win7 home premium. its just... win.
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Windows 7 64 Bit. Amazing OS.
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Windows 7 64-bit

It's funny, It doesn't look much different to Vista, It doesn't do much extra stuff compared to vista.... but it is night and day difference.
Yes XP was good, but c'mon guys.... it's almost a decade old, time to move on I think

Microsoft saved their asses a bit with that 7... I heard It's selling really well? Not sure If OSX is still gaining marketshare though

I also have XP Pro sat in one of my hardrives but I very rarely boot it.

Everyone says how 'when you go mac you never go back' but I have an old iMac with OSX and I work on Mac Pro's with OSX.6 all the time... I have no desire to move away from Windows 7... I like both, but I've actually had more problems with Macs than windows 7. I've had a mac pro completely fail on me twice (needed re-install of OS) and my iMac crashes as much as XP did.

I've had 7 for about half a year now and not once had to force-shutdown. It's rare that I have to wait for anything to load. The new features like snap and shake are not a gimmick, they are SO USEFUL! I can't bare not to have those features.

It's clean, fast, simple, intuitive, stable and compatible. Everything I want from an operating system.
No other operating system (windows or mac) have ticked all those boxes for me.
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Where's Windows 95?
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Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I was disappointed because I thought this would have Office already installed, but NO, only got a damn demo .
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