So here's the deal, I'm looking to buy a distortion pedal for my Jackson to sound good (My amp sucks). I was at a friends house last week and he had a crappy amp too, but he had a VOX pedal and it sounded amazing. I wanna get a pedal so i can get a good sound for my guitar, but i don't want the same pedal as him. I play things like Bullet For My Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, Kilswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, ETC. Does anyone have any suggestions on a pedal that would sound good for this type of music?
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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone. Gives you a VERY wide range of sound.
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My amp is called a stone or something. I got it from my dad when i started and i haven't had any money to go out and buy a new amp. I don't feel like spending a whole lot on an amp when i could pay way less for a pedal.
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A pedal on its own though won't make you sound good. In the end it is your amp that is generating the final tone, if your amp sucks then your tone will suck no matter what pedal you use, no matter what guitar you use. If you are unhappy with your sound, a new amp is the way to go. It may seem like a pain now but saving up and buying a good amp is much cheaper in the long run than trying to make-do with pedals and other small adjusments when eventually you'll end up buying a new amp anyway. Might as well save up and get one good thing rather than a bunch of crap things over and over until you buy the good thing.
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look at a new amp, especially for the peavey vypyr $150 gets you a 30 watt version, and it's ideal for what you want
It's actually around $200. just looked, but i think that might be what i get.
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