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Well what do you guys think of it?
I personally think it sounds good in some places, but I know there are people out there who refuse to even acknowledge it.
Any instances where you particularly like it/dislike it?


inb4 Muse - Hysteria

Also, it has it's place but I don't like it in a huge amount of places, I like a clean tone for my bass.
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So far I've only heard one person that can pull it off and its Lemmy.
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Overall, it's a bad idea, unless you want something really distinctive (like the first reply said, Hysteria, or really, most Muse songs). I find it makes the bass not quite fit in the mix, and it's a total bitch to record, from personal experience.
It sounds pretty good in electronic type stuff. And Hysteria.
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Peter Steele(on occasion) and the guy from Mortician both used distorted bass to great effect. However, in most cases it makes the bass get buried under the guitars
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Only if the bassist is the best part of the band or all members are just as godly (like the Who). If its just some random dude in the corner crankin' it out its weird. But when you know its Lemmy or Cliff Burton or John Entwistle, its different for some reason

Or if its a bass heavy band. Sabbath and various Doom and Sludge and Stoner rock bands can pull it off
it all depends on your taste, but it can be dangerious. when you do have it you lose a lot of low end so it's best if you have a clean channel and a dirty channel then mix the two. most people don't do that and it sounds god awful.
I like distorted bass in the bass forum.

...I kid. Radiohead makes good use of fuzzy and distorted bass. I personally love the sound.

Yeah this wasn't really a bass forum oriented question, I just felt like gauging some opinions on it. Was listening to In Flames at the time, and I thought they managed to incorporate it pretty damn well into the mix somehow. It doesn't seem to have a great deal of low end, but it has a place in the stereo field all to itself so you can hear it.
I think it's good for solos and not much more tbh

Taking out a lot of low end and replacing it with high end fuzz only serves to get you even more lost in the mix and you lose the power of the guitars.

EDIT: Unless the bass is the lead/driving instrument, of course.
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fuzz bass = the sex. but dont overdo it?
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i don't like it. i find it takes away from having a big, fat bass sound, which I personally am I fan of
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Depends. I have a MXR blowtorch I ALWAYS use on my fretless, since it mixes the clean and distorted signal. A little bit of fuzz on the midrange really helps placing it in the mix, especially when you have drop C guitars, blast beats and cookie monster x2 also fighting for the soundscape.
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So far I've only heard one person that can pull it off and its Lemmy.

Y'know why Lemmy's distorted bass sounds so good? Because he plays bass more like a rhythm player and uses chords.

Although he doesn't actualy use a distortion pedal or any other manufactued distortion, he just takes four Marshall 'Superbass' valve amps, throws them through four 4x15 cabs and turns every dial to maximum apart from the bass which is turned completely off.
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Also the one part of DIM by BTBAM is pretty cool.
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Anaal Nathrakh and Beneath the Massacre make it sound pretty good sometimes.

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I think it sounds disgusting, unless used really well.
Also, Anaesthesia (Pulling Teeth) sounds like a salamander jerking off, so that is the worst example someone can give of saying distortion sounds good on bass.
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