Fender CD 140 SCE
Fender cd 60
yamaha Apx500 thinline
I banez AEG 20E

I need to feel bass notes and thin or sharp notes
so i need moderate guitar.
i heard that Apx is thin guitar specially if not plugged
I 'm puzzled

plz help me.
i wouldn't buy any of these. if you want to feel bass when unplugged, you'll need a deeper guitar than the apx,but i wouldn't buy a fender or ibanez myself.
The Ibanez acoustic guitars are built quite badly. The fenders are okay, but not very good.

As well, all of these are laminate guitars.
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if you don't need electronics, get a yamaha fg730s or a seagull entourage s6, which are both good quality good sounding guitars, or maybe a walden solid top if you can find one. if you absolutely must have electronics (remember, they can be added later), you might try a yamaha fx370C. not a solid top, but a good sound for the price.
thanks alot patticake
but i see yamaha Fx370c

# Top: Spruce
# Back & Sides: Nato
# Neck: Nato
# Fingerboard: Rosewood
# Bridge: Rosewood

but Fender 140 SCE

* Solid spruce top
* Mahogany back and sides
* Rosewood fretboard and bridge
* Nato neck
* Fishman Aero with onboard tuner
* 3-band EQ
* Mid-sweep
i mean fender has solid top and mahogaby back + sides not nato as yamaha
is this better ??
and plz tell me what is mid sweep and fish aero ??
The Seagull S6 is probably your best bet.

If you're going to go Ibanez, go for the solid spruce AW30 series. ($250)

The Fender is probably not great, but I have no actual experience with it.

Also take a look at Takamine.

Fishman Aero is the company who makes the electronics.

Mid sweep is adjusting the frequency on which your EQ is boosting or lowering.
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