I want to get a Gibson SG, but they are damn expensive!! I could probably afford an SG faded, but im not sure if there's a difference between the faded model and the standard. What are the differences if any, and is it worth it?
There isn't as much difference as you might think. The SG Standard has a bound fretboard. The SG Faded does not. The SG Standard has parallelogram inlays. The SG Faded has dot inlays. The SG Standard has a 490 and a 498 pickup. The SG Faded has two 490 pickups. The SG Standard has a gloss finish. The SG Faded has a flat natural finish.
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If you're going to do that, I'd just shoot for a used standard.
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Honestly there really isn't that much of a difference tone wise. The other member in my band has the Special - I have the standard. I prefer the standard looks wise, but the special tone wise. The special has a little bit fatter neck though. The Standard's neck is thinner, and it has the trapezoid inlays and a Nitro finish and a bit hotter pickups.

well the limit is really $500 and I've found one on craigslist for $450. If I can find a standard for $500, that'd be great though...
Specials body is made out of 3-5pieces of wood, i believe the standard is less, special has a slightly fatter neck
My friend has a faded SG special in cherry. He never got it set up or anything so the action is a bit high, but I really like the way it plays, 10x better than my Epi Les Paul.

I'd say go for it. Great bang for your buck.

for $450 that's even a greater bang for your buck if it's in nice condition. If you can go try it out and make sure nothing is terrible wrong for it, I'd definitely go for it.
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