(I couldn't avoid the Okkervil River reference, forgive me)

Imagine that somebody wants to make a film of your life. What genre would it be? Who would play you? And what part of your life would it take place at?

I would want a film noir with Adrian Brody playing me.

I think it would just take place over the course of this one night out on the town that I had a while back. I have a plot in my head, but I can't be bothered to put anymore effort into this thread.
it would be the next Epic summer blockbuster. Call it, GoodnightHero: A Love Story. although its not a love story.
Leo Dicaprio of course would play me. he has to take a coma in a tanning bed first though, but hes fine with that if it means playing such a great character.
itll be an action packed adventure seeking comedy filled cluster ****.

idk this thread is way too specific. haha