I know you guys are probably sick of people like me posting threads on this looking for advice, when threads probably already exist that answer my question, but i couldnt find any, so I decided to make a new one. Im looking to buy a new amp, with a maximum budget of €400, which works out at like 480 dollars or something? I mainly play indie music, like Arctic Monkeys style stuff etc. Anyway I dont know anything about amps really, but I was looking through www.thomann.de and I seen a few amps I liked the look of and I searched for threads about them on this.

I liked the look of this when I saw it first, but when I looked it up on this it had nothing but bad reviews.

I saw both good and bad reviews for this, but they were talking about it suiting metal, and im not sure about what difference it makes buying a tube amp, so i was hesitant when i saw it.

This amp was recommended to me by a friend, though i wasnt sure because he would play a different kind of music to me, though after looking on this i am leaning towards this again.


Thats the list i was going from, i was looking at amps under 400€ euro but i could probably save up for the VOX AC30VR or the Vox VT100.

Any thoughts, opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.
I don't recommend any of those for what you are play. The Fender and the MG are mediocre, and the Valveking isn't that good unless you mod it.

Anyway, considering you play indie, a high-gain amp probably isn't what you need.

The Vox AC15C1, maybe?

Indie isn't in my area of knowledge, other people might have good suggestions.
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A Peavey Classic 30 will be good, or maybe a Vox AC15 like the guy above me said.
Fender Blues Jr.
Bugera V22

The VOX and Fender are a little above your budget, but it would be worth saving up for them. Not that the Bugera isn't a great amp also.

If you must have one of the amps you listed, I would say the ValveKing. Even then, it's not a terribly great amp.

Also try looking used. You can get alot of amazing deals.

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Thanks for all the suggestions and that. I live in Ireland and I couldnt find any websites selling the Vox AC15C1, and I considered the Fender Blues Jr., but it was a bit out of my price range...

On a side note, I was looking through a site that has used guitars and amps, and I found a few cheap amps but im not sure about their quality...
There was like the Line 6 150watt Spider III and the Peavey Valveking 212 but i didnt really like the reviews I saw for them, but then I came across the Marshall tsl601 which was going within my price range, and I liked the look or this because it seemed to be going extremely cheap... What are your opinions on this amp? And do you know how much this normally sells for? Thanks again.
Little tip: if theres something good that costs a little bit more like what the guys recommended....save up that little bit more - it'll be worth it.
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Little tip: if theres something good that costs a little bit more like what the guys recommended....save up that little bit more - it'll be worth it.

well stated.

i too agree that a valveking wouldnt suit your style, plus at a minimum you would need to do a speaker swap and get an EQ pedal. many will also say a tubescreamer and tube swap, but you may be fine without.

a fender blues junior or peavey classic 30 would be a wise way to go, sure they cost a bit more, but its cheaper than buying something that you will want to replace in six months and take a loss on selling it used and going through the hassle of buying what you really wanted.
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Okay, I'll take your advice and save, the only thing is though, when I looked up the Marshall tsl601 online, one site was selling it for 1300 euro and another for 1000 so would it not be better to get it when I can get it for 350 euro? Unless this is not a good amp, I couldn't really find any good reviews of it online...