I'm in a band and just want some decent software to record with. Just really to help me write songs and get rough recordings of material, not for actual band recordings so it doesnt have to be great but is this software good? Also, sorry but I'm a noob, when using this software how would I record my guitar/ bass and vocals. I have a mic but would i need a mixer or could I just get an xlr to usb converter and use that? Thanks
How are with non-linear editing? I would recommend fruityloops for arrangement, that's what i use.
Why use SONAR 7 when 8 has been our for months? :P

I favour this over Cubase, ProTools, etc, by far. It works extremely well with MIDI and audio recording, but it does take time to get used too....

You'll need some sort of USB/Firewire interface to use it to any useful degree. They can cost anywhere from $100 to thousands... Just take a look for them. :P
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