Having problems re-stringing my floyd rose. I bought a schecter blackjack atx c-1 with an original floyd rose on it.

This is my first guitar with a floyd rose and I did extensive research on tuning/stringing these things before jumping into. I've restrung and tuned the guitar 2 or 3 times since I've had it (had a few months and play a lot) with no problems to speak of.

Now it seems I can't get anywhere with it. Strings keep slipping out of the bridge right when it seems I'm nearly done getting it all set up for the final tuning process.

I've read tightening the blocks down too much can cause problems. Well, after going through about three sets of DR DDT strings varying the amount of torque I put on the blocks I can't figure out why strings keep slipping.

Any and all advise is welcome.
Theres an Official/Ultimate Floyd Rose thread in the Guitar Gear and Accesories section i think if not it's in guitar building and customization
Are the breaking or slipping out?

Look at the string lock blocks and see if there are any grooves that the string could be slipping out of.

Also, make sure you are leaving enough string inside the saddle for the lock block to grip.
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No breaking just slipping. I checked for grooves already and found none. Not having enough string for the block to grip could be it but I'm pretty carefull to make sure everything is good to go before I tighten the blocks down.

I got strings on it now and they seem to be doing fine. I think it was just user error on my part by not tightening the blocks down hard enough.

This is the only thing I can think of especially since strings are suddenly staying put.

Any other advice for future situations is still welcome.

Thanks for posting.
I had a similar problem the first time restringing the Floyd on my Hellraiser. Right when I thought I was done, the A string slipped out of the block. This happened to me twice. The third time around I took out the block and checked for any pieces that may have gotten stuck in the grooves. Surely enough, there was a small piece of broken string that got stuck in there that prevented the A string to fit securely into the groove. I'm not sure if this is the case with yours, but it could help in the future.
I've sometimes found that it takes a little determination to actually get the string into the saddle...