Well, if it is a jb, it will say on the bottom of the pickup. So when you go to install it you'll know. Pickups don't really have a sound. I mean nobody can tell the pickup people are using by just listening, because it mostly just fine tunes tones.
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Quote by CarmenJuandeago
the only thing the pickup says is "seymour duncan"

Sounds like a JB!

You can't exactly tell from the clip because we have no idea what amp or settings are being used.

I believe most pickups have the name written on the back.

If you like the way it sounds though, it shouldn't matter what name it goes by.
Even my old '80 Mag has "The Mag" written on the back. Seymour Duncan have been doing it that way for quite some time. Ask to see a pic of the back.
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it probably is, most of the seymour duncans floating around out there are JBs, '59s, distortions.