i dont understand the hype surrounding him.
is it because hes young? it shouldnt be. theres been younger.
is it because hes "attractive"?. it shouldnt be. hes not.
is it because his music is so different and original? it shouldnt be. because it isnt.
its the same mainstream bullsh*t that the "music" media have been trying to force down our throat for years. theres no difference between his music, and Madonnas. i cant understand why people think hes so amazing.
he cant play guitar as good as Slash. He cant sing as good as Bruce Dickinson. he cant drum as good as Brann Dailor. he cant play keyboard like Rick Wakeman. he cant play bass like Ryan Martinie. these guys have defined the music they play, in one way or another. beiber hasnt added anything special to the music industry, except dollars. and that "tattoo" of his. thats not a tattoo.
thats an outline. my mum has more hardcore tattoo's than him. my mums also a better singer.
sheit. my rant isnt over. stay tuned
Most of us realize this, justine sucks massive orangutan genitals, but teenage girls are to stupid to realize this and that justine is a girl, they want to believe shes talking about them.
justin beiber isnt being forced down my throat. maybe your throat, but definitely not mine.

get over yourself, bro.
this kid also refused to go to a stripclub with Slash. i mean wtf? he's 16, and refuses to go to a stripclub with one of rock's biggest icons? i smell a queer.
Not everyone takes music seriously, they don't care how technical or original the music is.

Most people just want to have fun, he supplies that. Teenage girls find him cute, like a puppy. He's a puppy that's an image for pop songs that get stuck in your head. His music is sugar and nothing more, and the sweetest drink sells to the masses. The sooner you learn to stop caring about what the masses listen to, watch on tv, or think is good food, the happier you'll be.
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I wouldn't go to a strip club with Slash now, let alone when I was 16. First off Slash sucks, and secondly, why would Slash and a 16 year old boy go to a strip club together?!?! that's creepy as fck.
I'm an asshole.
TS needs to shut up.

We get it, you don't like his music. However, some people do.
Call me Andrew. It's my name.

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i fond God too, man! i sat next to him on the bus once. he told be the meaning of life and then gave me a pretzel. i can't remember what the meaning of live was, but it was a good pretzel, man!