Ok, for my recordings, i use Cubase 5. Im looking to get some drum machine software to record drums. I was looking at Acoustica Beatcraft. My friend has it and its real cool, but he has to export the tracks he makes as a WAV file, then inport that into his recording softwares.

Is there some type of drum machine software that i can download that i can use straight from Cubase? Or are most things done outside of Cubase?
ALso, let me know if there are any other types of drum software that you suggest. Thank you
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ezDrummer? ill have to look into it. How does that one work?

Awesomely basically lol, seriously just go check it out. Great samples good interface, I'm not going to say it's cheap but it's quality software.
I just looked it over. It looks rly cool. Especially, with the whole just dragging of samples into the program. What i have like a breakdown written and i need a specific pattern for the bass drum to play. Does ezDrummer also allow you to make custom beats?
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Yeah, anything that is a VSTi (virtual instrument) you will be able to use inside cubase, just assigning a MIDI track to it to program the patterns. eZdrummer and addictive drums included. There are some free ones, and you can also use samplers as well if you know what you are doing.
Like with Addictive Drums and ezDrummer. There are tons of preset beats to drag and drop. Can you make custom beats for specific rhythmes though?