So, I want to buy a new guitar that is made for heavier music than my current guitar (check my sig for more info) and i'm not sure what i want. I have about $800 to spend right now and i picked a few guitars out below, but if anyone has any better recommendations, please let me know. I want it for some lower drop tunings and a faster neck. Something with a bit more radical design would also be good, but i realize that visuals aren't everything. My amps and other important gear is also in my sig, but i want to play things along the style of: metallica, megadeth, black label society, ozzy, killswitch engage, bullet for my valentine, avenged sevenfold, dream theater (7 string isn't necessary), slipknot, etc.





New amp first. or split the $800 and get a new guitar and amp.
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Hey man you and me share a lot of the same styles (Killswitch, Bullet, Avenged, Ozzy, Slipknot) I'd go with the ESP LTD EC-401 or check out the ESP LTD EX-401 (unfortunately hard to come by because it was replaced by the EX-360). I have an ESP LTD EX-CZ and I play drop C and Drop A# with no problems. Either way the EMG 81/60's give you an amazing metal tone and the guitars are incredibly sexy.
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honestly dude none of those are going to sound better than your Epi through a MG30FX. The ESP 401 is very similar to your Epi except it has active pups but they won't sound that much heavier through your setup. I would get a nice peavey 6505 combo or a solid tube amp for 800 bucks.

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