So, I just got back from being banned, so you know this has got to be good, an entire month to perfect a song, or few. This song is actually an old song that I wrote, but I rerecorded the entire thing and made it sound epic, played it in a lower tuning to make it more heavy, this has to be the best sounding lead playing I have ever done, and it's just a jammen rock song.

Just wanted to know what UG thought about it.


C4C as always.
Sounds pretty good, always been a fan of your work man. Some notes in the leads bend seem out of tune (or key?) every once in awhile, dunno, could be my ear. At 2:14 or whatever, when like, everything settles, and then step backs up, I think thats a nice touch.
Good stuff overall though.

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Thanks for checkin out my song.

An awesome straight rock/metal instrumental. Was the lead all done improvised? The breakdown at 2:30 was really cool, calming down for a few seconds then coming right back into the heavy lead. Nothing to really critique about it, seems like you accomplished just what you were lookin to do. Good work.