hey guys,

New guy here,

I am trying to play a song but I need to know these chords as I like to try alternate ways of playing chords.
They are written like this.

-4- -0-
-6- -2-
-5- -3-
-6- -3-
-4- -4-
-x- -0-

Does any one recognize these?
Any help would be really appreciated.
The first chord is a Fm/C#
The second chord is a A#m add11 +

Thats according to the good folks at Guitar Pro. Hope it helps.
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C#maj7 and a C6, respectively.

EDIT: Scratch the last one, move the whole form down 1 fret and its C6.
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The first one is easy.

Have your index finger hit the 4 on the A and e strings. Use your middle for the 6 on the D, your ring for the 5 on the G, and your pinkie for the 6 on the B string.

It's basically just C#, it's just that there's a C in there.

The second one is weirder. From the bottom [A string] up, I'd use these fingers... well.... pinkie, ring, middle, index. >_>

I think that's what you meant? Looks like you said you needed help with playing them.
thanks for the assistance guys. I appreciate it.

I am not having that much trouble playing them, actually the second one is a little hard, it is a weird barre chord. But they are meant to be the chords I need, but I am not that happy with the sound of them so I like to try alternate ways of playing a chord until I am satisfied with how they sound.

These two chords though are pretty hard to switch between when playing them fairly fast though