There is a craigslist ad for a broken epi les paul jr for 20 bucks. the neck is snapped off, but is a bolt-n and is replaceable. the electronics still work though, so is this a good deal for a project guitar? I want to try a swirl finish.

How much would a new neck cost, and what kind of neck would I need to get to fit the epi neck pocket?
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Which part of the neck is broken off? If it's the region near the headstock then it could be fixable with a bit of persisting. If you do want to replace the neck then you'll probably need to get the same model neck or find one that fits in the neck pocket. But for $20 it sounds alright as a project.
A neck for something like that should be around $50 or less. I wouldnt pay more for one.

You should be able to use a Junior, Special, Special II, or G-310 neck for it. They are all the same necks, for the most part. The G-310 has larger tuner holes on it - 10mm, I believe. The pockets should all be the same though.
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