Hi, I'm new here on the UG forums. I own a beginners acoustic Washburn Oscar Schmidt, no high-end guitar here, but I haven't changed the strings on it for more than a year. I was thinking about getting light or extra light strings for the guitar soon but the thing is, I don't know how it'll affect the guitar (ex: string buzz, tension). I personally even don't know which string gauge it has now, but I really want to swap out the strings for something lighter, for a cooler sound.

And one more thing, I want to clean my guitar but don't feel like spending $$ for guitar-specific cleaners. What can I use to clean and make it look nice. Can I use Formby's lemon oil treatment on the fretboard or mineral oil? Got any cheap suggestions?

Thanks for all the responses
id get light strings since most guitar come with those
and i use lemon wood polish for my fretboard but thats just to rehydrate the wood i clean it a tissue to get the gunk of
just get a set of 10's and some dunlop string cleaner, its cheap and works well
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