Day Today

Corner desk, flower Pot,
CPU and coffee too,
The features blur together,
Like the months and the weather,

Everybody knows,
When its winter it is cold,
And it falls somewhere in,
The middle of the year.

Dates, names and faces,
Friends, relatives and pets,
Nothing holds good grace,
In the race for corporate space.

Every feel as though the weather,
Will Determine the day?
I guess it kind of sucks if,
The sky is always grey.

No morning walks, Afternoon sports,
Weekend getaways.
Hot air ballons, outdoor places to hide
When you need some time to think

But life is what you make it,
A pebble in an ocean,
Or an endless journey,
Always looking for good fortune.

Take from this what you will,
Anger, hope or honesty,
But don't forget these endless words,
Do not die wondering.
The times are changing