what would be some good ones to try out. I just joined a post hardcore band and I am in need of working on technique
Now, I don't mean to be a dick, but Hardcore is a pretty crappy genre in general. I feel like that won't hurt your feelings too much though, considering that you don't know enough hardcore music to know songs to practice from, and therefore probably don't listen to it that much.

However, I seem to recall reading that hardcore bands use a lot of triplets in their breakdowns, right? Why not just practice some standard triplet exercises? Go up the neck doing things like:


Though this may seem a little hypocritical, I do listen to a bit of The Ocean and BTBAM, and both of them incorporate some "Hardcore" elements - especially The Ocean. Check out their album "Precambrian" - it's dirty.
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if you want some awesome breakdowns, check out the faceless, i think august burns red has some breakdowns in their songs, and lamb of god too
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