So today i spent a few hours playing a jaguar. i loved it. i loved the feel of a shorter scale. i know there are alot of Gibson style 24.75" scale guitars out there, and i am familiar with the Jaguar, Mustang and the Ibby Omar Rodriguez sig. are there any others out there to look into? ive spent about an hour looking around and really havent found much. even if there is anything else, i doubt i will be able to try it first. know of anything?
Some PRS use 24.5inch scales, like the santana.
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PRS 25" try it, I freaking love them absolutely perfect scale imo however people prefer different stuff. Okay so it's not really a short short scale but it's shorter then what I would consider the average scale length of 25.5"
I don't think there are many new brand name short scale guitars out there that aren't aimed at children. On the used market you can buy a Peavey T-15 or T-30. Both are 23.5" scale with the T-15 having a pair of super ferites (awesome p-90'ish pups) and the T-30 three single coils.
yeah, my dad has a PRS CE 24. those play quite nice as well. and yeah, i figure most of the short scale stuff is geared for kids. my dad bought me a kingston short scale to learn on (i think it was kingston) and that thing was far from great, but its playable. im thinkin i should probably just get a jaguar. i like the scale of them, the tonal options seem to be endless, and they are readily available.