It's kinda sappy, but isn't that what makes music... music?

Let me know your thoughts guys! Want me to listen to your stuff? Tell me. I'll do it cause I'm awesome like that. >.>
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to say i dont usually listen to stuff like this i thought this was amazing!

youve a very prominent voice, sounds real nice when you 'open it up' a little

reminded me of alterbridge or summat like that.

only thing that bothered me was that i had to keep turning up the volume to hear what you were playing on guitar, then turn it back down when you belted them notes out haha :p

sort the volumes out then re-do it maybe?

its worth it just because it really is a nice song youve made fella

and you can c4c this if you want? lol

again, great track
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like getting punched in the face with awesome

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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.