Hey guys,

I just picked up a new guitar and amp. I ended up getting a Marshall Mode Four 350W Half Stack with a Dean Dimebag signature Cemetery Gates guitar. Heard good and bad things about the Mode Four but I like the sound, and thats what matters

I just got home and took it out the box. The guitar was the floor model as there was only one in the shop, and there is a problem with the paint, it's like they missed a spot when it was painted :'( I haven't played it cause I don't know if that will void the warranty or anything. It doesn't look like a chip to me but I'm unsure what to do as it's the only one here in Western Australia. The guitar cost me 1800 bucks so I'm kinda pissed about it. I didn't pay for something new expecting it to be damaged. I'm gonna post a pic of it shortly - It's in a spot that you wouldn't expect to hit it as it's hidden away.

Just wondering how I go about getting this fixed, do I send it back to the shop or go through Dean. I've never had to deal with anything like this before.

Thanks in advance for your feedback
Call the shop first. Make sure to take plenty of pics to send them.
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well if its a small spot and its in not very noticable id sharpie over it and forget about it just to save myself a few weeks of waiting for shipping.
i am confused. you bought a floor model and didnt see the spot? or did it get shipped to you? if so, was there any discount because of it being a floor model?
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InanezGuitars44 - It's complicated. I had to go to two shops to get the amp and guitar, same dealer but different locations. I decided to buy the Mode Four at one of the shops and had already decided I wanted the Dime guitar.

Didn't know the floor model was the only one at the time and said I wanted one. When I got back to the other shop (I'd already tried the guitar) they boxed it up straight away. Didn't look it over properly which is my own fault I guess. There was no discount that I knew of for it being the floor model but it had only been in the shop 2 days so I imagine it hadn't seen much use. Bottom line is if I knew it was damaged I wouldn't have got it.

And rickyj, It is a small spot but at the same time the finish on that guitar is one of the reasons I got it. I could just ignore it, but I know its there now and I can't see any reason why I should keep a damaged guitar I believed to be new.

Just want to know how I go about getting it fixed, which it from the other posts taking it back to the shop is the best way. Thanks guys
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