Ok, after playing for six years, I figured it's time to go tube. I checked out the Jet City amps and I really like them, as seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQYPilRPI5o&feature=related

I'm not too worried about cleans at this point (my Line6 does fine for that), but concerning the distortion, I would like to have an amp that is like the Insane channel (w/o the noise, etc.). My influences are Noel Gallagher, Mick Mars, Slash, Jerry Cantrell, Motorhead...

If I got this amp, I wouldn't mind getting an OD pedal for it--but these guys are quite new. So how are their amps? Also, are there any major differences (short of size) betwixt a combo and a half-stack? I'll be gigging.
Trust me, you don't want an amp to do the Insane channel on the Spider.

As far as the amps go, they're basically the budget brand of Mike Soldano, the guy from THD amps, and one other partner (some of the the greatest amp makers in the business)
There's a big difference between the JCA20 and the JCA50 or JCA100; the JCA100 has alot more gain and sounds more like the Soldano SLO, whereas the JCA20 is lower gain and only has one channel.

The biggest differences between a stack and combo are the bass response and sound distribution. A stack sounds alot bigger than a combo because it has more speakers, thus the sound is more distributed. You get better bass response with a stack as well, because there's more speakers.

Of course, a full stack is way more difficult to transport than a 1x12 combo. On the other hand, a head and 2x12 cabinet is easier to transport than a 2x12 combo.
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Didn't Noel Gallagher use the Insane Channel for his distortion?


Well Raijouta, I'm also not sure as to how much gain I would need. I don't see myself going further than bars that need cover bands during happy hour.
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