that chorus... my ears!!!!!

You need better quality tone, sounds like you should tweak the EQ and tighten it up a bit. Do the same for the drums too and bring all the individual sounds out.

Screams are ok, not great but I will admit I can't do any better.

Keep going though, practice will make you exponentially better.
Your screams sound very dull and flat. But yeah I'll obviously admit I could do no better.. In fact I'd do a hell of a lot worse. Singing was eh..

Music wasn't bad. Drumming sounds a little overbearing, sometimes. Guitar was for sure the best part of it.

Just trying to give you some constructive criticism.
Listening to it a second time, the screams are for sure a lot better then the singing. Your voice sounds very.. I don't know, scratchy?
Wow, that was... okay.

First of all, it was very muddy. Work on your EQ settings and tighten up the sound a bit, and you'll almost have a good cover at that point.

Second, holy shit, the singing. You took what is probably my favorite Trivium chorus and smashed it with a hammer a couple of times until nothing was left but noise and feces. I highly recommend finding somebody who can hit that octave next time, rather than trying to do it all yourself.

Screaming is not my area of expertise, so I can't say much about it, I thought it sounded alright, but I could be totally wrong...

All in all, 6/10. Great potential hampered by sound quality and vocal work.
You know how sometimes you get the feeling that nobody's really listening?

Yeah, welcome to the internet.
The vocals are the main thing that need work. Besides that, the quality of the music could be better too. Drums and guitars were fine. Also, if your downpicking that prechorus, you need to get it more accurate with the drums. I noticed that the tempo's dont match.
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Vocals are a bit flat and need to stand out more like im getting punched in the stomach lol. But everything else was ok. Recording quality just has more to be desired from and you need to tighted up your sound. Guitar tone was very loose like and muddy, need to stand out more. Drums need to come up in the mix and EQ a bit. Overall not too bad, just need some better vocals and recording quality.

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