ok, few questions:
1)if i buy a guitar as second hand and i come to the seller house could i pay cash, and if so is there some kind of a value added tax or something?
2)if i buy an equipment for cheap and sell in the exact same site for more could i get law suited?
3)about my picking, when i play 'fast' song when i go from speeds around 100-120 up to 140-160 in 1/16 i change my hand position from some sort of casual alternate picking to stiff and rugged alernative picking and there-for in that area of 120-150 its very hard to my to decide which technice should i use, and both are quite aqward to me to play at that speed.btw i could get up to 170-200 at 1/16 but only if the string chanment is not to fast.
and about the first question, in Israel an Ibanez 2570 as new costs 1300$ but i found on a second hand site the same guitar for 625$ which is dirt cheap.
do you think its a good price?(most second hand guitar in Israel are 70-80% of the original price)
i've already answered this in the pit... but here you go AGAIN

1. no. the price you hand over and agree on is the price you pay, that's it.
2. no. if you advertise something for a million dollars but bought it for 20 and someone buys it then it's fine AS LONG AS YOU ADVERTISE IT PROPERLY. advertising something as a fender USA strat and selling a squier WILL land you in deep s*it
3. go ask the right forum, probably the electric guitar forum.

and it's a good price as long as there's nothing wrong with it and it works fine. you'll need to try it out to be 100% sure.
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1. No.

2. No. The entire world revolves around the concept of buying low and selling high. You're talking about Ebay, I presume? I do it all the time.

3. I'm of the opinion that you should tighten up your "causal" picking style and use it to play in all ranges. I don't have much difficulty traveling between speed ranges because my technique stays very similar no matter what speed I play at.
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thats the point.
im not talking about ebay but about a 'local' site in Israel that kind of leads the second hand trading.
just for your information at that price they usually sell second hand maxi strat EPI LES PAUL CUSTOM and that kind of crap.