basically after trying to mod my ds-1 and failing i decided to put it back as the original.

at first it would distort but wouldnt use the ac adapter

now it would use the ac adapter but wont distort

i think the problem is with the wire, could someone tell where the wires go?

thank you

all i need to know is where each wire goes. particularly those to the input abd out put
Google DS-1 Schematic and you will get a schematic. All of the wires are labeled on the schematic. So Pad 1 on your board is labeled "1", look at the schematic along the outlines and there will be a circle with "1". That is each end of wire 1. One end of 1 goes to the input jack tip and the other end would go to R1 (which would be Pad 1 on you circuit board). Go to wire 2 and do the same thing, wire 3 etc.